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Roanoke College Garden

Design, Commercial PhotographySarah Vogl

While I attended Roanoke College, many of my friend group were involved in the new club started by one of my best friends. Their mission is to teach the campus about sustainability while providing organic local produce to the Roanoke food bank. 

I was commissioned to design the logo for the organization, as well as a few other branded promotional materials. I also spent time taking pictures on garden work days for us on their Facebook page

In early meetings we emphasized the importance of a presence on Facebook to keep the students and local community involved on the garden's progress. I'm proud that this habit has been passed down between the leaders of the garden so far. Another student-run organic garden even reached out to them for advice on starting a garden on their own campus.

BTO Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt

Design, Commercial PhotographySarah Vogl

Logo and branding design, menu design, website design, and social media management for a locally-owned frozen yogurt shop in Salem, VA.

The owners wanted to create an atmosphere that's a little more comfortable and classy than the usual overly-playful frozen yogurt shop style. While the outside of the store is bright blue, the inside is a lighter blue and purple with black granite tiled counter-tops and sparkly lights. I tried to bring this idea to the logo and graphic style by pairing a cute, cartoonish waffle character with the Pacifico script font and Lato.

Menu Design

download (1).png

Working in and managing the store helped me address changes to the format of the menu so that it would be easy to understand. In addition to a paper printed menu, I also designed our chalkboard menu on my computer and then translated that design into paint on our chalkboard wall. 

Website & Social Media

While I managed the shop, I also managed their social media accounts and website. I built their website on Tumblr because it's seamless and super affordable. I blogged about it. 

Miraculously, the website is still up even though the business is closed.

Miraculously, the website is still up even though the business is closed.


Miscellaneous Graphics


Munchease (FoodMe)

DesignSarah Vogl

I was asked for my take on one of my friend's many eccentric projects. This is my proposed logo and (android) app design for FoodMe, which I decided to call Munchease for the sake of experimentation. 

Nader moved onto other projects before implementing a new design, but you can download the app at!