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Personal Brand Photography | Christiansburg & Roanoke

Commercial Photography, Misc Photography, DesignSarah Vogl

In an effort to generate regular bookings this year, one of my ideas regards personal brand photography. I'm looking for entrepreneurs and people of the internet who post online every day (or nearly every day) and are in need of high quality photos that tell their stories throughout the year.

The goal of this agreement is to capture your brand's story throughout the year at a fair price that is sustainable for both of us. I would like to meet with you 4 times a year to design a shoot for your brand which would yield enough photos for you to post every day (or nearly every day, depending on what your social media routine is).

daniel-ayers_16705851573_o (1).jpg

If you post every day, we would create 90 images that would last one quarter of the year. If you don't post every day, perhaps we would plan for 60 images, or maybe even just 30.

These are not going to be like my portrait sessions. These are story-telling sessions. And yes, we are kinda trying to tell your brand's story before it happens! We're going to take your business plan and your financial goals into consideration to create content that will truly help your brand grow.

Price Breakdown

  • If you're the hostess with the mostest who needs 90 images, one for every day of the year, we'd probably design a shoot with a time limit of 3 hours costing $500.

  • If you're a little less of a social media mongul, we can organize a 2 hour shoot for $350, yielding 60 images.

  • If you're not sure you need this many photos and you just wanna give this "personal branding" thing a shot, let's do a one hour shoot costing the same as my current portrait session price, $250. The difference is that *if we both aren't satisfied with what we've captured in that hour, I'm willing to go over time to make sure we've captured everything you need for the quarter.* (The same kinda goes for the previous two models, though I do believe 2-3 hours will be plenty of time!)

In case you weren't already doing the math in your head, my photo sessions are $250/hour. 3 hours of shooting would normally cost $750, so if you agree to purchase my 90-photo package 4 times a year, you're saving $250 each time. In the end you'd be getting $3000 of high quality photography work for only $2000.

If this is something that you might be interested in, keep in mind that this is a big commitment from both of us! For this reason, I can only accept a small handful of these jobs right now. If you'd like to be one of the first and take advantage of these super low prices while they last, contact me now:


DRAKE & MCKENZIE | Virginia Beach Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography, Couples PhotographySarah Vogl

Just a couple weeks before his wedding date, one of my good friends from high school posted on Facebook looking for wedding photographers. I immediately commented with an emoji and sent him a direct message volunteering my services. I couldn’t have been more flattered by his response, which was something along the lines of “I’m so glad you reached out because I was honestly thinking of you when I posted that.” Luckily we were both on the same page, and I feel so privileged to have been a part of their day.

We were graced with an unseasonably warm December day, and the sunset over Sandbridge beach was stunning. This was a super small family affair beginning with a brief ceremony in the over-sized living room at the top floor of a beach house. Decorations and details were simple and elegant, and the cake was home made by the mother of the groom. I’m sure she’ll hate me for it, but I couldn’t help but take a picture of the cake after it had been partially deconstructed. It looks almost as delicious as it actually was. I think my mouth is beginning to water just thinking about it.

I’ve been eager to start taking wedding photos for a while and this was the best possible way to begin my journey. I’m excited for everything 2019 has to offer.


Michelle Elaine Designs | Product Photography

Commercial PhotographySarah Vogl

I put out a message on Facebook looking for friends who needed product photography. Reconnecting with people from high school on Facebook isn’t exactly at the top most people’s priorities, but in this case it was a total joy to be able to work with Rachel, the daughter and marketing brain behind Michelle Elaine Designs. We captured some styled shots of products to be used on their shop and in their social media marketing for fall and beyond. Can you believe our model had never done this before? She’s stunning.


Portrait PhotographySarah Vogl

Nikki is one of the many wonderful humans I have the privilege of knowing from the Virginia Synod youth events. She’s known me since I was a middle schooler as an event participant and is one of my favorite people to talk to while I’m photographing the events these days as staff. She introduces herself as “Mama Nikki” (this is also how she’s entered into my phone) and I truly can’t think of a more accurate way to describe her.

Nikki came to me a while ago with the idea to capture her weight loss journey so she can look back and appreciate her progress. We also most certainly captured how truly beautiful Nikki is anyway. Inside and out. Body positivity and being healthy are both non-negotiable.

Pungo Ferry Bridge

Misc PhotographySarah Vogl

This is one of my favorite spots of all time. The fisherman I chatted with while I was here agreed.

It has become a sort of tradition of mine to visit this place every time I’m in Virginia Beach. I made many trips here to clear my head in high school. This particular visit seemed especially significant because we'll probably be retiring the Chevy Blazer (my first car!!!) to a junkyard death soon. This was probably his last journey here. :(

Even though I was apparently 15 minutes late for the best part of the sunset, I still think the journey was super worth it.