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Doug Trexell, Realtor | Roanoke, New River Valley Personal Brand Photography

Commercial PhotographySarah Vogl

Doug was a regular customer in the sushi bar at the restaurant where I used to serve. Somehow or another I told him about my business. He’s now one of my social media marketing clients, and this was our half-hour personal brand photography session. We spent a few minutes before an open house posing some photos for advertising purposes, and so far we’re getting great feedback!

Check out Doug on Facebook and Google. He might be even more passionate about helping his clients than I...

Summer style guide.png


Portrait PhotographySarah Vogl

It was a pleasure to take my time with this two-hour graduation session with Samone. It’s can always be tricky shooting with someone you’ve never met before, but I feel like I understood Samone’s sassy personality right away and I love what we captured today.

I’m really proud of the work I'm accomplishing right now and I'm excited to be busy this summer.


Portrait PhotographySarah Vogl

I was so so excited when I saw Jacob sitting in front of Redford Coffee Co. wearing a full suit looking dapper. This is a great example of why I don’t like telling people what to wear to a shoot. I love being surprised. 


Portrait PhotographySarah Vogl

A silly tanning salon wall with a shitty sunset gradient on it + Ramzy Masri inspired me to add colorful rainbows into the backgrounds of some of these photos. I'm having way too much fun with it and I've started to go back and twiddle with old photos for practice and shiggles. 

Also, James is fncking beautiful. This man needs to be in magazines or on billboards or something.