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where's kera? 5 minute photo shoot

Portrait PhotographySarah Vogl

We have an inside joke at the restaurant I work at about how we can never find Kera when we need her. Rarely a day goes by when someone doesn’t ask “where’s Kera?"

We snuck out 5 minutes before we opened the other day to take a few pictures and couldn’t stop giggling about “where’s Kera?” and what our boss would say if he noticed what we were doing.


Portrait PhotographySarah Vogl

Nikki is one of the many wonderful humans I have the privilege of knowing from the Virginia Synod youth events. She’s known me since I was a middle schooler as an event participant and is one of my favorite people to talk to while I’m photographing the events these days as staff. She introduces herself as “Mama Nikki” (this is also how she’s entered into my phone) and I truly can’t think of a more accurate way to describe her.

Nikki came to me a while ago with the idea to capture her weight loss journey so she can look back and appreciate her progress. We also most certainly captured how truly beautiful Nikki is anyway. Inside and out. Body positivity and being healthy are both non-negotiable.

AISHAH NYETA (Christiansburg Post Office, Laundromat)

Portrait PhotographySarah Vogl

I played the music middle-man today and put my two talented friends in a room together to make some beautiful sounds. Afterwards, Aishah and I went out for a quick little shoot at two places in Christiansburg I visit often: the post office and the laundromat. I’ve been fascinated with the aesthetics of these two locations for a while and was dying to shoot something there. This post-jam session photo shoot was just what I needed.