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Photography FAQ

Where are you located?

I live in Christiansburg, VA, but I frequently travel to to Blacksburg, Roanoke, Richmond, Virginia Beach, Washington D.C., and beyond. I charge a reasonable travel fee if I have to travel more than 30 miles from my home in Christiansburg.

What am I paying for?

When you hire a photographer, you're not just paying for pictures or prints, you're hiring a person. You're hiring an artist who shares your vision and wants to help you express yourself. I view this kind of work as a collaborative process. Even though you're hiring me, we are actually in business together and our goal is to capture your essence!

I charge a rate based on shooting time. Post-processing is built-in. Your payment covers my travel costs (within about 30 miles of 24073), shooting time, post-processing time and helps pay for my website, equipment, software, and my dinner. I also usually pay an assistant to accompany me on shoots.


I believe in the power of photography to capture sincere moments and personalities.


I embrace a candid style and avoid posing. Instead, I prefer to spend most of my time shooting “setting up” candid moments to capture. I love to allow my subjects' personalities dictate the mood of the shoot. I do a fair amount of planning before each session but once we've started taking pictures, I just go with the creative flow.

I enjoy capturing people in settings in which they feel comfortable and free. At events I love to sneak around discreetly and watch closely, looking to capture moments of joy, amusement and passion that make those experiences most memorable. 


I have confidence in my skills to make almost any location look magical, but I also know the Southwest Virginia area pretty well and can come up with a variety of settings for any project. I'm always up for suggestions and I'm willing to travel.

Turnaround Time

One hour of shooting time usually takes me about one to two week to process, but in my contract I allow myself 30 days to deliver the project to you. 

I appreciate suggestions about editing and understand that sometimes my stylistic choices may not always be what you want to print for your walls. For this reason, I offer to make changes to your photos for 90 days.


I always spend a little time retouching noticeable blemishes, flyaway hairs and unpleasant background objects. I keep these edits to a minimum because I prefer the natural texture of the skin and I love imperfections. If you’d like me to spend more time retouching your photos, don’t be afraid to ask!

Once I'm in the post-processing phase, you can schedule a viewing with me for a small fee. This is a great way for me to get feedback from you in real-time about which photos I keep/discard. This is also an opportunity to contribute ideas about the look and feel of my final edits.

How many photos will I get out of this? 

One hour of shooting time usually yields about 30 final photos. You may request to buy the excess photos for an additional fee.

How will I receive my photos? 

I share my images via Google Drive. I don't necessarily save all of my files forever so you're responsible for holding onto copies yourself.

I don't have a system for offering prints because most people prefer to order prints themselves. I can recommend several places online and locally. If buying prints and customized products directly from the photographer is a priority for you, let me know what you’re looking for and I’d be happy to provide.

How may I use my photos? 

While the pictures are of your face, you don't technically own them. You are purchasing the right to use them in accordance with my hiring contract. However, unless our contract says otherwise, you may print and share as many images as much as you want as long as you credit/tag my business wherever applicable. You are not allowed to edit, crop or add filters to my photos without permission.

How do I book you? 

  • Book me by getting in touch via Facebook message or email.

  • A deposit of 50% is required for all my packages. A contract is required for each session. Preview my contract template.

  • I’m always available for free consultations in person or via video chat to discuss what you’re looking for and hash out the details of your shoot before you place your deposit.

  • For solo shoots, I welcome clients to bring a friend along. Everyone deserves a hype team.

  • For outdoor sessions it’s helpful to establish a rain date.

What about second shooters? 

I can offer second shooters upon request. I love working with others and I know of several great people who would bring immense talent to your session or event. If you're not sure if I'm the photographer you're looking for, I might be able to recommend the right artist for you. Let's talk!