Photography FAQ

Mission: I believe in the power of photography to capture sincere moments. 

Style: I embrace a candid style and shy away from posing. I like to get to know my subjects and let their personalities control the mood of the shoot. I capture people in settings in which they feel comfortable and free. At events I love to sneak around discreetly and watch closely, looking to capture moments of joy, amusement and passion that make those experiences most memorable. 

Turnaround time: Portrait sessions take 1-3 days and events take 5-7 depending on size and duration. 

How many photos will I get out of this? PLENTY. I will take hundreds but I am pretty picky about the ones that make it through to editing and publishing. 

How will I receive my photos? I usually share my images via Google Drive. 

How may I share the photos? You may print and share as many images on social media as you want as long as you credit my business in your post. However, this does not mean you may edit or add filters without permission.

How much are prints? I don’t sell prints but is highly recommended. 

How do you charge? I have several packages available, but I'm also flexible and open to new ideas. 

How do I book you? Book me by getting in touch via Facebook message, phone or email. Deposits are required for all my packages. I’m open to meeting with you to discuss what you’re looking for and brainstorm ideas ideas beforehand. For solo shoots, I often encourage clients and models to bring a friend along. For outdoor sessions it’s helpful to establish a rain date.

What about second shooters? I can offer second shooters upon request. I love working with others and I know of several great people who would bring immense talent to your session or event.