Virginia Synod Assembly 2018 by Sarah Vogl

The Virginia Synod Youth Assembly was my first ever youth event when I was in 7th grade. (I'm 23 now.) Dave asked me to be a LYO Board member and I kept coming back to events ever since, regardless of the status of my faith. As an adult I carved out a role for myself taking these candid artsy event pictures and it's honestly what got me into photography in general. 

This year was special because I was asked by the synod office to photograph the main assembly. Being the official photographer for the event as well assuming my usual role as a volunteer at the youth event (in a way, two events at once!) was a lot fun for me. I loved jumping between both assemblies to capture the highlights of both and photograph as many beautiful faces as I could. 

This is a selection of a hundred thirty-ish of my favorites. But if you were at the event and you wanna see all the photos, you can view them here on my flickr. If you'd like to be able to download all of the photos for personal use, please feel free to shoot me an email and I'll share my google drive link with you. 

Affordable & Flexible Website Design For Any Budget by Sarah Vogl : a super simple blog-based website for a musician built on tumblr. The cost for the client was the $15/year domain and about an hour of work from me. a super simple blog-based website for a musician built on tumblr. The cost for the client was the $15/year domain and about an hour of work from me.

A website requires:

  •  a website host (the place to store your website on the web)
  •  a domain (the address for your site)
  •  a design
  •  content

A website host can cost you anywhere between $1/month to $50/month. (The cheapest ones offer almost no design help and the more expensive ones obviously offer tons of design features for big businesses and stores.) You can route your domain to Tumblr and host there for $0.

A domain costs about $8 to $30/year.

The cost of your design can vary greatly depending on where your designer starts. I’m not a professional web developer, but I have I have enough technical knowledge and experience to help you either improve your current website situation or help you navigate the process of finding a service that works for you and setting it up. I can extensively customize Squarespace or Tumblr (or another of the many hosting options out there) to fit your needs for a fraction of the price of traditional web designers. No matter what your budget is, I could probably have you online in under a week.

As long as you provide the content, I can take care of everything else.

I’d also like to make sure that anyone visiting any of your social media pages can easily navigate around your brand’s various homes on the internet. You may also gain access to my own notes on marketing and the tools to manage these things for yourself in the future.

Daniel Ayers Music (+ bandcamp)
BTO Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt

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