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In an effort to generate regular bookings this year, one of my ideas regards personal brand photography. I'm looking for entrepreneurs and people of the internet who post online every day (or nearly every day) and are in need of high quality photos that tell their stories throughout the year.

The goal of this agreement is to capture your brand's story throughout the year at a fair price that is sustainable for both of us. I would like to meet with you 4 times a year to design a shoot for your brand which would yield enough photos for you to post every day (or nearly every day, depending on what your social media routine is).

daniel-ayers_16705851573_o (1).jpg

If you post every day, we would create 90 images that would last one quarter of the year. If you don't post every day, perhaps we would plan for 60 images, or maybe even just 30.

These are not going to be like my portrait sessions. These are story-telling sessions. And yes, we are kinda trying to tell your brand's story before it happens! We're going to take your business plan and your financial goals into consideration to create content that will truly help your brand grow.

Price Breakdown

  • If you're the hostess with the mostest who needs 90 images, one for every day of the year, we'd probably design a shoot with a time limit of 3 hours costing $500.

  • If you're a little less of a social media mongul, we can organize a 2 hour shoot for $350, yielding 60 images.

  • If you're not sure you need this many photos and you just wanna give this "personal branding" thing a shot, let's do a one hour shoot costing the same as my current portrait session price, $250. The difference is that *if we both aren't satisfied with what we've captured in that hour, I'm willing to go over time to make sure we've captured everything you need for the quarter.* (The same kinda goes for the previous two models, though I do believe 2-3 hours will be plenty of time!)

In case you weren't already doing the math in your head, my photo sessions are $250/hour. 3 hours of shooting would normally cost $750, so if you agree to purchase my 90-photo package 4 times a year, you're saving $250 each time. In the end you'd be getting $3000 of high quality photography work for only $2000.

If this is something that you might be interested in, keep in mind that this is a big commitment from both of us! For this reason, I can only accept a small handful of these jobs right now. If you'd like to be one of the first and take advantage of these super low prices while they last, contact me now:

EDIT: January 22, 2019

After thinking about personal branding photography and discussing price models with clients who are interested, I've revisited the numbers with some graphic design + social media stuff included this time around. A comprehensive quote is all anyone wants at the end of the day so I got u

Personal Brand Photography

  • 3 hour brand photo session // 90 images // $500

  • 2 hour brand photo session // 60 images // $350

  • 1 hour brand photo session // 30 images // $250

To re-iterate, these sessions differ from my regular portrait sessions because I’m willing to go over time and do re-shoots to make sure your social media queue is full of goodies. I’d prefer this kind of work to be based on a certain quality AND quantity that my recurring entrepreneurial clients can rely on, not just a portraits session with a time limit.

Graphic Design / Social Media Marketing

  • 2 months of social media content curation on a schedule // $300

Combining images, text copy and links to fill a social media editorial calendar; 3 posts per week, 24 posts.

We'll work together to plan an editorial calendar that keeps you busy on social media for two months. All the images, text copy and links you'll need will be prepared for you and organized on a spreadsheet.

  • SEO consultation, social media audit, social media re-branding // $250

We will do an audit of your entire social media + web presence to make sure everything is navigable to potential customers who are looking for content and information. We'll try to improve your SEO and set you up to keep managing your web presence on your own in the future. I'll also design new thumbnails and cover photos for all of your social media sites.

  • Squarespace: new site creation and design // $300

  • Help with Squarespace customization or other website services // $50/hour