Logo and Branding Design

I knew since I started working here in August that I would eventually have to redesign the Waffle Guy illustration. The time came to change it suddenly when we changed yogurt suppliers. Though a little rushed, I'm extremely happy with how he turned out. This branding change also emphasizes the waffle and coffee side of our business and sets us further apart from typical frozen yogurt shop styles.

The owners wanted to create an atmosphere that's a little more mature, comfortable and classy than the typical frozen yogurt shop style. While the outside of the store is bright blue with red and yellow bits, the inside is a lighter blue and purple with black granite tiled countertops and sparkly lights. I tried to bring this idea to the logo and graphic style by contrasting an overly cute, cartoonish waffle character with the classy Pacifico script font and Lato. 

Tumblr Website

I like suggesting Tumblr to certain clients because it's a really great flexible and free blog-based website option. 

Menu Design

The menu has gone through many, many iterations as we change products, prices and policies. It's been a challenge to keep up with all the changes but the opportunity to tinker with it over time makes me feel more satisfied with the final product.

Especially in the beginning, it was important for me to pay close attention to how customers made their decisions and communicated with the person behind the counter so I could optimize the menu to effectively sell the diverse options we have.

The chalkboard menu was planned out in Sketch. Using this template, I printed and cut out the headings so I could paint the letters in the font that I used elsewhere in the store.  These letters stand out much better than the chalk markers alone and leave us the option to change the content underneath if we need to. My method was in no way precise or perfect (and my painting skills shotty) but it turned out just how I wanted. 

MISCellaneous store Graphics and flyers

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 9.47.28 PM.png
Waffleguy punch card mockup 2.jpg

Social Media